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About IIMBY.com

IIMBY stands for: “It’s In My BackYard”

Map of New HampshireI’ll be exploring and posting about the things I find in my literal backyard in Hollis, New Hampshire as well as my figurative backyard, the larger community around Hollis, Nashua, and other communities in Southern New Hampshire.

I’m taking my camera and I’m having a great time photographing what I come across in my travels. In addition to exploring the natural world around our new home, I’ll be visiting restaurants, shops, parks, and nature preserves; going to concerts, art shows and town celebrations; and calling upon various companies and individuals to help me with the transition from one home to another.

Because so much of what I encounter is entirely new to me, I’m doing research to learn more about my finds. My goal is to share my experiences, photos, and research in the hopes that you’ll find it as interesting as I do and maybe helpful, too.