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Squam Lakes – Natural Science Center

Osprey - photo by Mary Codd

I went to the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center yesterday with other members of the Hollis Women’s Club for a presentation about ospreys by Project Leader and Science Center Executive Director Iain MacLeod.

Since 2011 Squam Lakes Natural Science Center has been conducting a research and education project, Project OspreyTrack, using state-of-the-art solar-powered satellite transmitters to track the birds migratory paths from New Hampshire to South America. It was a fascinating presentation that I would recommend highly to anyone, of any age, interested in nature and birds. To learn more about Project OspreyTrack visit their website.

After the presentation we took the opportunity to walk along the Gephart Exhibit Trail and see more of the animals that they care for there. I shot some photos and have included them below, but there is much more to see than what I have shown here.