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Chrysanthemums in Nashua

Pitarys Farm - Colorful Chrysanthemums

I visited my neighborhood garden shop, Pitarys Farm, yesterday and was amazed by the beautiful chrysanthemums they have for sale!

I found Pitarys Farm back in the Spring when I was planting a container garden on the back deck of the condo we’re renting in Nashua. I bought several tomato plants, assorted lettuces, strawberries, and herbs. I was very happy with the quality of the plants and their competitive prices. New Hampshire is two growing seasons different than where we used to live in Rhode Island, so I  appreciated the advice Mr. Pitarys Sr. gave me on what to plant and when.

Pitarys Farm, Nashua, NH

Pitarys Farm – Nashua, NH – photo by Mary Codd

Pitarys Farm is located next to a convenience store, Fotene’s Market, on Route 111 which is also known as West Hollis Street.

Pitarys Farm - Greenhouse and Garden Shop

Pitarys Farm – Greenhouse and Garden Shop – photo by Mary Codd

I spoke with Mrs. Pitarys yesterday. She told me she came over from the old country (Greece) and has run this business with her husband for 53 years. Now their son, Chris, is running the business. It seems Mr. and Mrs. Pitarys Sr. still take an active roll working with customers though.

If you visit Pitarys Farm you’ll find a greenhouse, and tiny farm store with fresh produce that they raise in their gardens. Tucked in the back behind the parking lot is a chicken coop with free range chickens. Mrs. Pitarys says she has a few customers who come to her for fresh eggs.

Pitarys Farm - Fresh Corn

Pitarys Farm – Fresh Corn – photo by Mary Codd

Once the season has passed for fresh corn and vegetables, and the chrysanthemums have sold out, you might think Mrs. Pitarys could relax a bit, but that’s not the case. She still has plenty of work to do making Christmas wreaths and decorations for sale.

I’m planning on a return trip in a few weeks to check out her Christmas creations!

Pitarys Farm - Colorful Chrysanthemums

Pitarys Farm – Colorful Chrysanthemums – photo by Mary Codd

You’ll find Pitarys Farm at 719 West Hollis Street in Nashua, NH.
They are open every day from 8am to 8pm.
Phone: (603)882-7282