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Grow Vegetables in Limited Space

No Yard for Gardening? Plant a Container Garden!

Even if you are living in an apartment or condo with no yard for a vegetable garden you can still harvest your own home-grown veggies. Container gardens work just about anywhere, apartment balconies, decks or tiny backyards.

We moved to New Hampshire in April 2013, and rented a condo in Nashua. One of the best features of the condo from my point of view was the south facing deck off the living room. It was perfect for a small container garden!

Grape Tomatoes photo

Grape Tomatoes photo by Mary Codd © 2013

As soon as it was warm enough to plant a garden I headed to the Christmas Tree Shops (right off exit 7 of Route 3, the Everett Turnpike) and bought some terracotta colored plastic plant pots on sale. Then I purchased a few bags of organic garden soil next door at Home Depot and went back to our condo to set up my little garden.

Once the pots were filled with soil and set up on the deck I found a local garden shop just a mile away from us, Pitarys Farm. I like to buy my plants from people who know the growing conditions in the area and can give me advice to get started. (Christo Pitarys Farm, 719 West Hollis St., Nashua, NH) Tomatoes are a good choice for container gardening so I purchased 6 grape tomato plants and 6 regular sized tomato plants. In addition, I bought assorted lettuces, strawberries, and herbs that included three kinds of basil and three kinds of sage.

Container Garden

Container Garden photo by Mary Codd

It’s mid-September and there aren’t many days left in our growing season. The container garden is starting to peter out, but I still manage to harvest a few tasty tomatoes everyday. It’s time to think about bringing the herbs inside so that they’ll survive the winter. My plan is to plant them at our new house in Hollis next Spring!